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My very first blog post….so exciting!!!

I’ve recently completely revamped my website.  I hope you all like it.  It’s actually a Word Press blog disguised as a website.  This allows me to make changes and additions fairly easily which gives me more time to focus on creating fabulous new Renaissance ensembles.  I also sell on Etsy and eBay but my ultimate goal is to close my store on eBay by Christmas.  My category (Renaissance and Medieval clothing) as been completely taken over by a seller flooding the market with Chinese imports.  They actually copied one of my court gown designs in detail, except they used cheap trim and fabric, so I know they have no business ethics.  Unfortunately, they’re running off most of the reputable, quality garb sellers because we can’t compete on sheer price.  Very sad, but when one door closes another one opens.  Hence my freshly revamped, sparkly website.

This blog is open to any topic regarding Renaissance or Medieval garb, faires, related history, etc.  Please feel free to jump in any time.

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  1. Your new website is lovely! Bravo! I send people here all the time, and I am looking forward to seeing all the fabulous new stuff you come up with!

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