Wooden Tankards

This page is for our wooden tankards, I also have pewter tankards and pewter flasks too.

Handmade by the Royal Wood Turner who makes these extremely high-quality wooden tankards in between his 2-3 times per week golf habit.

They hold approximately one pint (16 oz.) of your favorite beverage.
5-1/2″ tall and 3-1/4″ in diameter.

Sealed with a non-toxic food-safe finish.

Leather Celtic embossed mug straps (sold separately) are available for carrying your mug on the sad occasion that it is empty.

Wooden Tankard Mug Cup

Do not put in microwave or dishwasher. Do not use for hot liquids.

There are five different woods available:

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Walnut & Oak
  • Maple
  • Walnut and Maple

Wooden Tankard Cup Mug Wooden Tankard Cup Mug

Wooden Tankard Cup Mug Wooden Tankard Cup Mug

Wooden Tankard Cup Mug

Public service announcement from the Royal Wood Turner:

“Each tankard is cut from a single board when possible. Keep in mind that all trees do not necessarily cooperate when it comes to this. Each tankard/mug has three coats of exterior finish on it, so the finish should last a lifetime.

First, these are for cold beverages only. They are not designed for hot beverages. The reason is that hot beverages cause the wood to swell as it is heated and then it contracts when it cools. Over time, this expansion and contraction weakens the joints. You don’t want a hot tankard of whatever your drinking to end up in you lap or on your expensive renfaire garb so use these for cold beverages only. OK I’ll answer the burning question, if hot beverages cause expansion and contraction and weaken the joints then why don’t cold beverages do the same thing? Good question. (Donning my professorial hat now) Let’s say your hot beverages start out at a piping hot 190 degrees and your cold beverages start out at a chilly 40 degrees. Now we have to assume that the environment you live in (and the tankard lives in) is around 80 degrees. So the cold beverage has a 40 degree difference and the hot beverage has a 110 degree difference. So the hot beverage will ‘stress the joint’ almost three times (2.75 actually) more than the cold beverage. (Removing my professorial hat now). Actually when I use mine for beer, the cold doesn’t stay in my tankard very long at all so by quickly drinking my beer I’m actually reducing the stress on my tankard. Bonus.

Do not place these tankards in the freezer. They are not ‘freezer mugs’. For the reason for this, read the preceding paragraph.Next, these are not dishwasher safe. This goes hand in hand with the above paragraph. If you put one of these in the dishwasher and it goes through the heated dry cycle, you will end up with a nice variety of wooden rings (possible new use as very large napkin rings) …. but you will no longer have a tankard.If you use the tankards/mugs for red wine then the red wine should not be allowed to ‘stand’ in the container. The manufacturer of the interior finish says that red wine can stain the epoxy so it should be cleaned immediately after use.

Okay, it should go without saying that if these are designed for cold beverages, then they shouldn’t be put in a microwave either. So unless you have some magical microwave that actually cools your beverages (I actually use a refrigerator for this) then do not put these in a microwave.Do not use the mug or tankard if the interior finish ever chips or cracks because this will allow the liquid to penetrate to the wood. If this happens, the wood will swell and cause the ring to separate (to my knowledge, this has never happened but I feel I should mention it anyway). Return it to me and I’ll fix it but you have to pay the freight.

To clean, use warm (not hot) water, mild soap (no abrasives) and a sponge. Do not immerse the mug or tankard in water.If the tankard gets scratched and it bothers you, you can use paste wax to remove (hide) small scratches (on the exterior only), just don’t apply it to the inside or top edge (even though I have never personally tasted paste wax, my natural instinct tells me paste wax would not be tasty).
We live in an extremely litigious society which makes it necessary that I say this. I will not be responsible for damage of any sort resulting from the use of these tankards.”

End of Public Service Announcement from the Royal Wood Turner.

(He’s kind of amusing. That’s why I’ll probably keep him around even after his looks are gone.)



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