COMMUNICATING WITH ME: If your primary email address is NOT the one associated with your Paypal payment, please provide it to me with your payment so I have a way to contact you easily.

Once you’ve purchased a custom made ensemble or gown, you will need to provide me with the measurement and fit information found here:
Measurement and Fit Information

You can include this information in the “Notes” section of your Paypal payment or you can email them to me directly via the “Contact Me” page. The Contact link is at the bottom of all of my website pages.

If you have ANY questions about anything here on my website, please use the “Contact Me” form. Once I get a message from you, I will respond from my email address and from that point on, we can communicate directly. I must use this form on my website to eliminate spam to my email address.

SUBSTITUTING SKIRT FABRICS:  Yes, you can do that.  If a bodice ensemble comes with a black skirt and you’d prefer burgundy, or if an ensemble comes with brown and you’d prefer beige, just let me know.  

SUBSTITUTING BODICE FABRICS:  I prefer not to but will in some situations.  Oftentimes when I buy bodice fabrics, I buy the same amount of the two fabrics that make up a reversible bodice.  So, if I use some of just one of those fabrics for a different bodice, I won’t get the most out of all the yardage that I purchased for the original bodice.  Also, I put certain fabrics together for reasons of coordinating color as well as fabric weight, so it’s usually best to stick with the way the ensembles are shown on my website.  Contact me if you still have questions.

GROMMET/CORDING CHANGES:  If you’d prefer different colored grommets or cording for your bodice than what’s shown in the photos, just let me know with your order.

CUSTOMER SUPPLIED FABRIC:  In a nutshell, I prefer to use my own fabrics for a variety of reasons. I could go into detail but it would bore you to tears.

SHIPPING DISCOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE ITEMS:  I only charge actual cost for the shipping of your order.  I do not pad it with a handling fee or try to boost my bottom line by inflating the shipping fees.  HOWEVER, my Paypal shopping cart isn’t smart enough to adjust the shipping, in which case, go ahead and pay whatever it calculates and I will refund the excess.  I promise.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: I do ship to Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and most other countries as long as I can communicate with the buyer in English. Please contact me through the “Contact Me” form here or at the bottom of my website pages to confirm whether I can ship to your country and what the shipping charges will be.

Welcome to my virtual store, weary internet traveler!

UPDATE 1-11-22: I am on a sewing hiatus until further notice and not accepting new orders at this time.