The Canterbury Doublet

UPDATE: March  20, 2021: I’m temporarily suspending orders for court gowns and doublets.

This elegant doublet is made with a sumptuous jacquard tapestry fabric with a woven design in gold, gray-green, and crimson. It is lined with medium weight upholstery fabric and interlined with heavy weight interfacing.  Eight sewn cord loops attach to metal buttons on the opposite side of the torso for easy closure.  Underneath the loops is a finished placket to discreetly cover any gaping between the front two sections of the doublet.

The split shoulder caps, collar, and waist tabs are made with a coordinating diamond-quilted fabric in the same gray-green as in the doublet fabric.

The lined sleeves are detachable and tie with cording (crimped with aiglets) to d-rings which have been placed inconspicuously inside the doublet armholes.    I’ve sewn more of the elegant antique silver buttons and cord loops at five places along the opening of each sleeve.  The sleeves are designed to allow glimpses of the shirt worn underneath.

As you can see, the doublet is magnificent with or without the sleeves and is available for purchase either way.

This doublet is made when ordered in standard chest sizes 30 through 52.  I do adjust for torso length but not for ale bellies.  However, for an extra fee I can make the side seams close with grommets and cording rather than sewn which will allow for more adjustment.

Canterbury Doublet with detachable sleeves $375.00.  If you would like to omit the sleeves entirely, the doublet is $295 without sleeves.


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UPDATE 1-11-22: I am on a sewing hiatus until further notice and not accepting new orders at this time.