Taupe and Terracotta Gown

Gold and Terracotta 1 Gold and Terracotta 2

Gold and Terracotta 3 Gold and Terracotta 5

Gold and Terracotta 5 Gold and Terracotta 8

Gold and Terracotta 6 Gold and Terracotta 7

UPDATE: 12-4-19 This gown is no longer available.

I’ve used a four-hoop slip and a bum roll for display purposes, both of which will be necessary to achieve this dramatic silhouette.

This sumptuous gown will be custom made for your unique measurements and snugness preference.

The Bodice
The Bodice is designed to achieve the period-correct conical figure (no darts or princess seams) by pressing the chest and stomach flat and squeezing the bosom up above the neckline. (Unfortunately, my dress form can’t “squish”, but hopefully you get the idea!).

The primary fabric is a medium weight taupe taffeta with a gorgeous embroidered design in gold.  The shoulder treatments (epaulettes) are split-caps made from a terracotta and gold j acquard with a woven diamond design.  The bodice has been embellished with told gimp trim.

Seven pieces of coated steel boning have been sewn in strategic places throughout the bodice, and two more pieces of poly boning have been sewn along the eighteen machined grommets in the back.  Nine pieces of boning will provide a nice push-up and cinching effect.  There is also a privacy panel (shown in the back view photo) to cover any gaping between the grommets.

The Split Overskirt
Has been embellished at the opening with more of the terra cotta jacquard and gimp trim and painstakingly gathered into a three-inch waistband.  The waistband utilizes a hook and eye closing system.   It will be serge hemmed to your desired length, ready for final hemming by your tailor.

The Forepart
Is a wedge-shaped piece of fabric with a drawstring waist.  It has been serge hemmed on the sides and embellished with four-inch ivory venise lace along the bottom.  Serge hemmed to your desired length.

The Chemise Blouse
The sleeves are made with ivory dupioni silk (100% silk) fabric.  The cuffs are embellished with half-inch ivory venise lace.  The elastic wrist is easily adjusted from the inside.  The torso of the blouse (which doesn’t show) is made with lightweight cotton muslin.

The Modesty Panel Is a rectangular piece which perfectly matches the bodice and is designed to lay under the cording. This allows the wearer to loosen the cording without showing the underlying chemise and also allows for more size options.


Measuring and Fit Information

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UPDATE 1-11-22: I am on a sewing hiatus until further notice and not accepting new orders at this time.